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An Update... Finally.

Hello Everyone,

I know, it's been forever. I could make a long row of excuses from having a full time job to my father passing away, but really, in the end it's mostly just because I fell out of fandom. That doesn't excuse me from ignoring my communities though.

I'm back though, in full swing. I'm going to be looking into a new community layout to start with. Also, as a general question to those of you still following the community: Are YOU's diary entries still be translated somewhere? If not, I'm totally willing to begin translating them again. And I promise my Japanese has grown much better since the summer before I entered college way back when! Haha. How do you want to see the translations? Straight to this comm? A seperate linked-to blog?

In general, I just wanted to make this post to let you guys know that things will be happening again soon. I promise it. And that I'm sorry I let things go to waste.

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