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YOU Diary Translation

02.01.2011 01:13

Man, I'm really worn out. (^^)

In the cold there were many happenings, but it seems everyone was able to have fun,

Really, I'm~ thankful. (^^)

Unfortunately, I didn't get a medal, but the true victory,

winning or losing,

is making good memories. Together with muscular pain. (LOL)

Becoming truly desperate like this,
performance aside,

it's only a tug-of war. (^^)

Really, everyone on Team YOU, thank you giving it your all.

Speaking of tug of war, it gave me deja vu for the the long ago days of snow. (^^)
As it went, I got into "TAKE THAT!" mode. (^^;)

Next year we'll get revenge for the many years losses,
so make an effort to train all year. (^^)

So, everyone,
please take ten minutes rest so that you don't catch a bad cold.

I promise too, because colds seemed to be a permenant fixture for me this year (^^;),
I'll take a long bath and sleep warmly. (^^)


P.S. January's total mileage was 4700 kilometres. (^^;)

Yet again, sorry for the delays. I promise to have 2.3.11's up tonight.
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