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YOU Diary Translation

02.03.11 23:28

Demons- out, good fortune- in,

seems like I haven't done this in a few decades. (^^;)

For now, it's only just this (^^)

Ya' know, this,

should I take my time eating it? (^^;;;)

So, I wish for world peace and world domination,

Nomnomnom... (^^)[1]



... geh. (^^)


[1] YOU uses mogumogu here, which is the Japanese for the sound of fast eating... I used the Otaku/English equivalent of 'nomnomnom'.
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awww cute isnt him?

Thanks 4 this!
Thank you!^^
This clears up so much confusion for me, srsly. I've heard of the Mamemaki custom before, but I've never understood it completely. And for my birthday this year, a Japanese friend of mine gave me soybeans and simply told me that people 'throw it for good luck', which really told me nothing. :P

World peace and world domination. I'm liking this idea of his. ♥

And for some reason, the 'geh' at the end cracks me up.
"I wish for world peave and world domination"

Gackt has so got into You's brain and planted thoughts there....

but I think it's a two way street because I blame You for Gackt's robot obbsession