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YOU Diary Translations

As a note prior to posting, I think I've fallen into a process of just translating all of YOU's entries once a week. Is this okay with everyone? I've been really bogged down with my work schedule recently and this was the easiest for me. Hopefully it'll get lighter and I could try to update more on par with him, but no promises... Sorry. =/ I'll do my best. The post from the 11th will be up later tonight.

02.08.11 05:23

Everyone, I haven't written in a long time,
it's Human Testing from Long Ago (^^)

Until now the various articles of human testing have faded out, due entirely to not being able to keep ontop of things (^^;)

The most recent experiment is...

The talked about Naishitoru (^^)

Uhm... Honestly...
The after-effects of all the New Year's over-eating and drinking (^^;)
They exist...

To the extend that when I went boarding,
I watched what I ate,
and I also did situps everyday

The reason was to really decrease it, the "Jiggle" (^^;;;)

The 'Go Body!' festival started with my snow boarding gear,
somehow it didn't quite fit (^^)

Of course, me being me, this was a the level of a state of emergency (^^)

It was like I made a monumentous decision all of the sudden.
No, maybe I should say I relied on it.

Even so, if my stomach got to the point I couldn't get on my snowboard...


Even just in my imagination, it's ghotly pale,
But, I think I'd have everyone's smiles. (^^)

So, because, secretly, the "Body Go!" festival ended,
I continued drinking for about a week,


It's like it was effective (^___^)
No, it gave a feeling of effectiveness...,

...maybe it was effective (^^;)

The circumference of my waist seemed somehow refined,
so when I tried a trial weighing of myself,

hn? It hasn't changed... (^^;;;)

Maa, for the time being right now I think I want to do my best to master this bottle (^^)

Alright, alright, everyone, have a good week.
I hope it passes without any surprises (^^)
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ahhh poor You. He's always on a diet.
awww *0*
thanks for this!!
and dont worry, we understand that you have a lot of things to do ^^

he is always so worried about his weight :(

but then again when one lives with perfection....

doesn't he get that he is wonderful already he doesn't need to change
He's already so thin! And the fangirls all love him just the way he is, y/y? Silly, silly man!