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you_love's Journal

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Hi and welcome ^_^ This community was created for the love of the GacktJOB guitarist and violinist YOU.

This is the place to post just about anything and everything you could ever want about You-san ^_^

1) No Flaming or Trolling (i.e, putting down others' opinions and ideas, and generally being hateful) Such abuse will not be tolerated. We want to keep a friendly atmosphere.

2) Please stay on-topic as much as possible. This is a You community, not a Gackt community, so unless your post about Gackt directly involves You, please take it to another Gackt community. If your post has nothing to do with the topic of this community, well it doesn't belong here. If you think you need to post something here off topic, you can always email the mods for permission.

2a) This INCLUDES graphics. If you have wallpapers/icons etc of Gackt and You in the same piece, you can post them together because it includes You. If you are posting pictures or graphics, keep it to You, since this comm is for him. If its just Gackt or other JOB members, we're really sorry, but it does not belong here.

3) If posting pictures, and they're large or more than one, put them under an lj-cut or text link offsite. Post a large picture without lj-cutting it, and we'll reply about it to give you a warning. If not changed, we'll delete the post. Please respect your fellow members with this in mind.

4) Same rules for pictures apply to fanart. And if it's of adult nature, lock and put on a warning("not worksafe" etc).

5) Please post fanfiction to our sister-community gacktjob_fics. Thank you.

6) Want to advertise something here? That's fine, as long as it has something to do with You in particular or even Gackt. If you're not sure, you can email the mods.

7) If there are ever any problems in the comm, contact gacktyougirl. Please do not try to handle it yourself. It's not your job. Inform the mods and let them deal with it.

Like I said, we want to keep this friendly so the only thing I really want to enforce is HAVE FUN! ^_^

Maintained by elise_maxwell & gacktyougirl

Sister communities:


Want to affliate? Contact gacktyougirl!

Official Sites:

U[ju:]: You's Official WebSite

dears: Gackt's Official Fanclub Site

h-darts: site where Gackt and You model jewelry

monkey-act-web: site that sells jewelry You has designed

Unofficial/Fan Sites:

Forget-Me-Not: A You Fan Site

Symphony of One: A You Fanlisting

Robot Clones - Translations of You's Diary

note: The family name Kurosaki is not affiliated with You-san in any way. You has never confirmed any family name connected to him, so just call him You, okay? ^.~v