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YOU Blog [1.29.11]

Good Weather Today 01/29/2001, 00:02

I've gotten to Nagano before everyone else (^^) [1]

On a nice day, which is something valuable this season (^^;)

I was, at last, able to glide... (=D)


of course the ski slope was frozen solid (^^;)

Ugh... the pain of a few days ago, it's revived... (^^;;;)

Tonight I'll go and enjoy it until I fall down(LOL)

You guys too, please be really careful to not get injured.
So that you definitely don't overdo it when falling. Pads and first-class protectors are necessities.

Later, since it gets much colder at night,
please make sure you take protective counter-measures against the cold.

So then, let's meet on the eve-


[1] I used smiley faces to represent the emotive kanji YOU uses. (smile) became (^^), (sweat) became (^^;) etc.

Haha, oops. I titled this wrong originally. It's 'Good Weather Today', not 'Soon...' <--That was his entry prior
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