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YOU Diary Translations

As a note prior to posting, I think I've fallen into a process of just translating all of YOU's entries once a week. Is this okay with everyone? I've been really bogged down with my work schedule recently and this was the easiest for me. Hopefully it'll get lighter and I could try to update more on par with him, but no promises... Sorry. =/ I'll do my best. The post from the 11th will be up later tonight.

02.08.11 05:23

Everyone, I haven't written in a long time,
it's Human Testing from Long Ago (^^)

Until now the various articles of human testing have faded out, due entirely to not being able to keep ontop of things (^^;)

The most recent experiment is...

The talked about Naishitoru (^^)

Uhm... Honestly...
The after-effects of all the New Year's over-eating and drinking (^^;)
They exist...

To the extend that when I went boarding,
I watched what I ate,
and I also did situps everyday

The reason was to really decrease it, the "Jiggle" (^^;;;)

The 'Go Body!' festival started with my snow boarding gear,
somehow it didn't quite fit (^^)

Of course, me being me, this was a the level of a state of emergency (^^)

It was like I made a monumentous decision all of the sudden.
No, maybe I should say I relied on it.

Even so, if my stomach got to the point I couldn't get on my snowboard...


Even just in my imagination, it's ghotly pale,
But, I think I'd have everyone's smiles. (^^)

So, because, secretly, the "Body Go!" festival ended,
I continued drinking for about a week,


It's like it was effective (^___^)
No, it gave a feeling of effectiveness...,

...maybe it was effective (^^;)

The circumference of my waist seemed somehow refined,
so when I tried a trial weighing of myself,

hn? It hasn't changed... (^^;;;)

Maa, for the time being right now I think I want to do my best to master this bottle (^^)

Alright, alright, everyone, have a good week.
I hope it passes without any surprises (^^)
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